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Independent Study Physical Education Credit Policy

Independent Study Physical Education

All Natomas Charter School Performing and Fine Arts Academy students are required to earn 20 credits in Physical Education to graduate. There are THREE ways to earn the required 20 PE Credits:


1. Take and pass two dance classes or other qualified PE classes offered at NCS PFAA (Ballet, Modern,
Jazz, Tap, Stretch and Strengthening)


2. Participate in and complete outside of school structured, supervised physical activity programs.

a. All activities must be organized team sports and/or organized individual sports and/or classes at
professional health and fitness clubs/gyms


b. The activity must last for a minimum of 60 minutes and no more than 3 hours for each


c. A signature from instructor/coach/teacher is required after each session. No parent signatures
will be accepted.


d. All activities must be recorded on ISPE Log Sheet and turned into Academic Counselor at the end of each semester.


3. Combination of 1 and 2. Take one PFAA Dance Class (10 Credits) AND complete 10
Credits of ISPE. 


Specific ISPE Requirements