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Staff Directory

Staff Directory
  • Main Line: (916) 928-5353
  • FAX: (916) 928-5333
  Name Position  E-Mail                              Ext.                             


Joe Wood Joe Wood, Ed.D. Natomas Charter School Executive Director Email 1005
Sima Gandhi Sima Gandhi, Ed.D Performing and Fine Arts Principal Email 1006
Laura Bariel Laura Bariel Teaching & Learning Director Email  1024
Addie Ellis

Addie Ellis, Ed.D.

Student Services Director Email 1003
  Ronda Rufsvold, Ph.D. SPED Program Specialist  Email 1002
  Anita Schwab Budget & Finance Director Email 1015

Counseling Staff

Danielle Belcastro-Bisbikis Danielle Belcastro-Bisbikis                                                              Social and Emotional Counselor Email  
Melinda Curtis Melinda Curtis Social and Emotional Counselor Email 1035
  Juan Juarez 9th/10th Grade Counselor Email 1034
Jurusha Woods Jurusha Woods Student Services Office Administrative Assistant Email 1023

Front Office Staff

Rose Ann Ducay Rose Ann Ducay     Attendance Email 1000
  Michelle Hunnicutt Receptionist Email 1000
Rachel Loesch Rachel Loesch Front Office Receptionist Email  1000
Linda Mattsson-Boze Linda Mattsson-Boze Middle School Academies Secretary Email 1007
Molly Schmidt Molly Schmidt Data Manager Email 1009

Instructional Faculty 

  Jayma Akers English Email 1068
Sang Bae Sang Bae Science Email  1090
  Naomi Bahr Math Email   
Anjelica Barajas Anjelica Barajas-Hernandez Spanish Email 1103
Joe Biggs Joe Biggs Social Studies Email  1070
Laura Breedlove Laura Breedlove Language Arts and Social Studies Email  1056
Tyra Calero Tyra Calero English Email  1072
Cornelius Cata Cornelius Cata Music Email  1099
Enrique Chaveste Enrique Chaveste Math Email 1057
Abelardo Cisneros Abelardo Cisneros Dance Email 1063
Julian Cunningham Julian Cunningham Vocal Music Email 1088
Rich Farwig Rich Farwig Physical Education Email  1118
  Jasmine Gonzalez Education Specialist Email   
Sharon Ferrell Sharon Ferrell Chemistry and Biology Email 1092
Rick Gott Rick Gott Drama Email  1091
Kristina Green Kristina Green Social Studies Email  1069
Chelsea Greninger Chelsea Greninger Visual Arts Email 1094
Shari Gueffroy Shari Gueffroy Instrumental Music Email  3014
  Cody Holland Math Email  1058
  Jamie Holmes Education Specialist Email   
  Peggy Kao Mandarin Email  1056
Josh Landry Joshua Landry Digital Arts Email  1096
Devin LePage Devin LePage Dance Email 1061
  Concetta Lowell Language Arts & Technology Email  1111
Gareth Love Gareth Love French & Spanish Email  1104
Jon Negin Jon Negin High School Biology and Health Email 1089
Stephen Osborn Stephen Osborn Math Email 1065
Jeff Pollard Jeff Pollard Social Studies Email  1071
Karen Pollard Karen Pollard Drama, Creative Writing Email  1095
Heidi Provencher Heidi Provencher Science Email  1067
Jeanne Quinn Jeanne Quinn Social Studies, Government, and Economics Email  1055
  Adrienne Rodriguez Physical Education Email  1118
Cathi Romero-Molay Cathi Romero-Molay Arts And Outreach Associate Coordinator Email  1054
  Katherine Samuelson Education Specialist Email  1039
  Stacia Shaull English/Yearbook Email 1074 1096 1085
Matt Spiva Matt Spiva Music Email  1098
Jill Stripling Jill Stripling Dance Email  1062
  Anthony Tautges     Math/Physics Email 1097
  Lori Tawde Education Specialist Email  
  Katee Trinkle English Email 1073
Jim Vetter Jim Vetter Visual Art Email  1093
Sarah Winter Sarah Winter Stagecraft Email