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Mastery and Accomplishment Pathways

Mastery and Accomplishment Pathways

Students attend PFAA Middle and High School because they love learning and are passionate about the arts.  At PFAA students develop their skills and grow as musicians, actors, dancers, and visual artists.  Since its inception, Natomas Charter School PFAA has provided students with a multi-year arc of training in the visual and performing arts.  As an academy that seeks to fully integrate the arts with rigorous, college preparatory academics, PFAA has continuously prepared students to bring creativity and artistry to a wide variety of college and career pathways.   


PFAA provides two phases of artistic training.  Middle School, grades 6-8, is a time of artistic exploration and inspiration.  Students sample each art form during Art Preview and begin to focus in on specific skills during the semester long “Seven-Series” classes as well as their additional middle school electives.  High School, grades 9-12, is a time of refinement and mastery of students skills and abilities. During these years students are required to complete nine elective courses, seven of which must be in the arts.  By graduation, each PFAA student will have reach a significant level of accomplishment within at least one art form.  


To better guide high school students in accomplishing their goals, PFAA developed the Mastery and Accomplishment Pathways (MAPs) for implementation in the 2017-18 School year.  MAPs consist of two frameworks for student development: emphasis and distinction.  These pathways fit seamlessly into the current PFAA graduation requirements and communicate to colleges and universities the focused development and level of artistic accomplishment for which PFAA students are known.  Click the image below for more information.


Maps handbook