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Administration - PFAA Academy Principal

PFAA Academy Principal - Gareth Love

Thank you for your interest in Natomas Charter School Performing and Fine Arts Academy!  The PFAA provides outstanding opportunities for students to discover and develop their artistic giftedness, coupled with high quality academic rigor.  The result is a unique, cutting edge learning environment where students learn, create, grow, and thrive.

As PFAA Principal, it is my goal to facilitate this environment  in every way possible.  I look forward to partnering with our staff, students, and parents this year in each area of our ongoing educational journey.


Gareth Love.
Principal, Performing and Fine Arts Academy

PFAA Academy Associate Principal - Elsa Prettol

Welcome to the NCS Performing and Fine Arts Academy!

We are an academy with about 25 years of experience in teaching 6th through 12th grade students academic subjects as well as the arts. Our students' and staff's passion for growing as learners and artists is evident, from art projects all over campus, exhibits and performances, passion projects, clubs, and much more. This makes PFAA an energetic, inclusive, reflective, and joyous place to be! 

As the PFAA Associate Principal, I support students, teachers, staff, and families so that students can get the most out of their education at NCS. This was already my mission when I was the Library & Media Instructor for all of Natomas Charter School, and I am proud to now devote my time and energy to the PFAA community, as your Associate Principal! 

If you have any questions, issues, or ideas, please contact me at


Elsa Prettol

Associate Principal Elsa Prettol Staff Picture