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Schedule Change Requests


Middle and high school students wishing to change a scheduled class or add an optional 8th class must submit a class change request.  These requests will be accepted beginning during the first two weeks of the school year. 


Schedule Change Request Form

Schedule requests will be attended to based on the following ranking system:

  1. Juniors and Seniors needing to meet graduation requirements
  2. Freshman and Sophomore Students in need of Credit Recovery
  3. Students requesting differing arts electives
  4. All other requests in order of seniority.

Note: in order to be able to take an optional 8th period, a student must have had C's or above in all academic classes during the last semester of the prior school year.  Students who are placed on academic hold during the course of the school year may be removed from their optional 8th class to be able to attend Study Hall or Intervention sessions. 


Please review the 2023-2024 Master Schedule to determine what class you would prefer to take and include that in your request. 


  • Once the request has been submitted Counselors and Administrators will review your request as soon as possible.
  • You will be contacted by a staff member via email or through being called out of class.
  • The last day to submit a schedule change request for Semester 1 will be Wednesday, August 23th at 3:30 p.m.


Thank you and have a great 2023-2023 academic year!