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Schoology Information


At Natomas Charter School we believe strongly in connecting families to the learning experience. To help with this, Natomas Charter School uses Schoology- an online learning management system, where teachers post assignments, online discussions, and digital learning resources. We aim for it to be a one-stop-shop for connecting you to what is happening in the classroom. 

By logging in to Schoology, you will be able to read the bulletin, check grades, email teachers, and see upcoming assignments in all of your student’s classes. Schoology is also a tool very similar to the online learning management systems students are expected to navigate in college. 

Both you and your student will be given login credentials to access our Schoology system. Students access Schoology at using their Natomas Charter School email address and password. This process will be covered in your student’s classes during the first few weeks of school. 

As a parent you can easily access your student’s work in Schoology using your own personal account and multiple parent accounts can be associated with one student. You can set up your parent account at using your unique parent access code.  This code should be provided to you within the first few weeks of school, however, you can also request your code by emailing Linda Mattsson-Boze in the front office. 

Please take an opportunity to familiarize yourself with this important tool.